Compliance covers all aspects of our business. From adherence to operating procedures, performing work safely, meeting our service level commitments and ensuring compliance with system and organization controls, our team is focused on doing things the right way.

Our Compliance Team is accountable for ensuring a safe, sustainable and repeatable operation. We invest in people, process and technology to create a culture of high performance to deliver the right product to the right location at the right time with high quality.

  • Establish Operational Excellence, SOC compliance and business strategy alignment
  • Communicate shared goals of Operational Excellence and compliance
  • Establish a “Tellworks Operating System” that each leader adheres to rigorously
  • Leadership Accountability – Daily, Weekly and Monthly – Leadership reviews
  • Establish standards that meet SOC 1 compliance in a repeatable, verifiable and safe environment
  • Train leadership, middle management and front line teams on Operational Excellence, standards and compliance
  • Validate though Layered Process Confirmation (daily), establish accountability to the processes and SLAs
  • Create a culture of problem solvers that builds our businesses’
  • Mature operations
  • Achieve SLAs

Tellworks Operating System – How we all do business every day, the same way with accountability

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