Optimizing MSL Operations with AIMSPlus⁺ Technology

Tellworks Logistics’ Market Staging Locations (MSL) are a key step in the supply chain, functioning as the connector between our National Distribution Center in Arlington, TX, and our customers across the country. With 47 MSL locations throughout the United States ranging from 10,000 to 50,000 square feet, consistency and efficiency are a must.

Through the use of our proprietary inventory management software, AIMSPlus⁺, and the AIMSPlus⁺ app, the MSLs collect and manage data around contractual Service Level Agreements (SLA) and non-contractual Key Performance Indicators (KPI) on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. Using AIMSPlus⁺, along with data-visualization software Tableau, we monitor performance against SLA and KPI goals and take action when necessary to promote consistency across the MSLs and drive efficiency, speed, and accuracy.

EVP of Operations Michael Kolell, who manages MSL operations on a national level, notes that improving operations translates into an improved customer experience. “Ultimately, our goal is to provide an accurate order to our customers, so everything they require to build their site, we are providing on time and in full.” He explains, “This ensures we aren’t causing any delays in their project timelines.”

Despite COVID, Kolell says operation efficiency in the past 12-18 months has improved, and MSLs consistently perform above expected SLA and KPI goals. There is a clear upward trend towards exceeding these goals and further enhance our customers’ experience. Through the utilization of the AIMSPlus⁺ software and other operational improvements, “we continue to build a direct relationship and seamless operations between NDC, MSLs, and our customer,” says Kolell.

Customers with an urgent need after normal business hours please contact 866-775-4438 for service.