Tellworks Logistics Announces Company-Wide Roll-Out of Lean Sigma™ Operational Excellence Program

As part of its mission to be a world class logistics solutions provider, Tellworks has developed a proprietary business improvement program that will begin rolling out to all employees beginning in Spring 2021. The program, called “Lean Sigma™,” was developed by Chief Compliance Officer, Daymond Cox, whose expertise includes certifications as a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Level One Sensei and a Lean Master.

The goal of the program is to continuously improve the company’s operations by optimizing each of the processes in its complex logistics business. In order to accomplish this, each employee will take part in more than 40 hours of training for each level of certification.

The Lean Sigma™ program combines Lean operating practices with Six Sigma principles. The company will focus first on Lean training, which prioritizes waste reduction. Six Sigma process improvement practices will then bring about even greater efficiencies and opportunities to elevate quality and customer experience.

Leading with Lean and following with Six Sigma was a strategic decision. “By focusing first on Lean, we will eliminate wasteful practices, leaving us with fewer processes to improve when we apply the Six Sigma principles,” says Cox.

Both Lean and Six Sigma are data-driven and designed to bring about continuous improvements over time. The benefits to both employees and customers include:

  • Standardization and simplification of processes
  • Reduction in variation in processes
  • Reduction in error
  • Greater employee engagement and motivation
  • Increased value to the customer

“With Lean Sigma™, we never reach our goal,” Cox explains. “We are always on to the next level of refinement. That’s what continuous improvement is all about.”

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