Asset Lifecycle Management

The cycle to rollout new technologies and upgrade networks is continuous. Keeping an accurate inventory for equipment going into and coming out of the network is what we do. Tellworks inventory accuracy is driven by our stringent warehouse procedures and reinforced by our proprietary inventory management software called AIMS, (Asset Inventory Management System). Our customers use AIMS to manage inventory, replenish spares, create BOMS and determine excess. AIMS reporting capabilities are utilized by all who require material visibility to plan, procure, receive, inventory, deploy, re-use, sell, and dispose of equipment.

Forward Logistics

Tellworks Communications is a supply chain company providing supply chain services exclusively to network operators and contractors who build and dismantle telecommunication networks. Our forward logistics operations are customized to optimize transportation, warehousing, and material handling from the OEM through deployment. As both a 3PL and 4PL we work closely with our customer to continually improve their supply chain operations. Tellworks facilities utilize our systems and personnel in addition to our customer’s systems to inventory and track assets. Our facilities which range in size from 5,000 to 110,000 square feet boast a lifetime inventory accuracy rate of over 99.5%.

Warehouse Management

Tellworks warehouse operations are customized to meet the needs of each individual customer. We adhere to the same standard operating procedures, backbone warehouse management system, and required customer systems and procedures in all of our facilities. To make operations efficient, warehouse administrative actions are centralized with our Material Logistics Administrators, (MLA). Tellworks MLAs monitor and process requests, validate transactional accuracy, and provide additional inventory analysis and replenishment processing. Our MLA’s constantly monitor the inventory to insure the right parts are available at the right time. Tellworks works with our customer’s planners and buyers to maintain relevant spares inventory based on usage and market availability.

Inventory/Asset Management

Tellworks core competency is centered in our ability to accurately manage our customer’s inventory. Our web based inventory management system is specifically designed to provide complete visibility of our customers assets from receipt, to deployment, and through disposition. In addition to AIMS we utilize our customer incumbent systems to collect data related to your assets. Data garnered from all systems is tracked through AIMS providing a single view into the complete lifecycle of your assets.

Reverse Logistics

Tellworks initiated its business by providing reverse logistics services to our customers. Through the management of our customer’s surplus we learned of inefficiencies in how our customer manage forward logistics. Today as a full-service supply chain company we provide our customers with complete supply chain visibility helping them optimize their existing inventory by minimizing inefficiencies in planning, procurement, and reutilization of assets companywide. The best reverse logistics programs rely on complete inventory visibility allowing for clear decision making when determining surplus. Equipment determined to be surplus is monetized through our Resale and Recycle portal. The industries first and only autonomous tool to monetize surplus.

Resale Services

The secondary network equipment and used telecommunications hardware market has developed into a mature and established industry widely accepted by many of the world’s leading telecom suppliers and operators. Our sales team and agents located throughout the world boast long lasting relationships and partnerships that have allowed Tellworks to do business on 5 continents.

Our offerings cover all network elements from most major manufacturers; including CPE, DAS Systems, Microwave Radios, Network Routers, Optical Transport, Critical Infrastructure, Outside Plant, Switch Equipment, and Wireless Infrastructure Equipment.

We provide value added services such as testing, repair, and extended warranties on all product sold from a Tellworks location. All sales activities are reported to our customers through the Resale and Recycling portal.

Recycle Services

Through re-use and environmentally responsible disposal Tellworks helps you monetize your excess inventory. Components of value are harvested for re-use or stripped of their raw materials to be recycled. All items from the de-manufacturing process are recycled. Even items with no value are recycled at Tellworks’ expense.

As a processor Tellworks sorts and separates equipment by type and commodity. Material that has been processed is then stored and accumulated so as to ship like commodities by the truckload to maximize value by limiting handling and transportation. Our commodities manager monitors metal pricing daily and fixes pricing with our vendors on a per month basis so as to create predictability. Tellworks goal is to extract the maximum amount of recyclable material from the equipment we process while generating the minimum amount of waste.

Repair & Refurbishing Services

To remain competitive there is a need for Network Operators to roll out newer network technology while maintaining the legacy networks. Tellworks works with planners and buyers to extend the life of their legacy assets by performing repairs, reconfigurations and upgrades to legacy equipment allowing vital capital resources for transitions to new, revenue generating technologies. Tellworks has certified technicians performing in our facilities in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Dallas.

Deployment Services

Project Management

Tellworks project management encompasses planning, organizing, and managing resources to achieve successful completion of telecommunication projects. Tellworks has a dedicated resource pool of project management resources for different types of telecommunication projects and requirements. Tellworks has locations in nearly all states and can mobilize people and skills in these locations. Tellworks has the ability to ramp resources up or down with the help of our network industry partners. Tellworks’ aim is to deliver solutions on time, in the most cost-efficient way and without sacrificing quality and safety.


Tellworks deployment services provides installation, deinstallation, maintenance and audit services for all major telecommunication service providers and equipment manufacturers. Tellworks offers local knowledge and expertise, with professional engineers who are licensed in all U.S States and territories. In addition to technical depth, the Tellworks team brings the full spectrum of skills and resources to help clients with every aspect of network infrastructure deployments. With extensive experience in telecommunications infrastructure and equipment deployment, Tellworks delivers superior field quality installation, and provides quality maintenance and inspection services to ensure optimum system performance.

Tellworks offers scheduled, emergency inspection and comprehensive maintenance services throughout the United States. Tellworks provides detailed reports and action plans to resolve any issues and to ensure compliance with all applicable safety regulations and requirements.

Transportation Management Services

Logistics is the management of the flow of things between the point of origin and the point of consumption to meet requirements of customers. The logistics of physical items usually involves the integration of information flow, material handling, kitting, inventory management, warehousing and transportation. Tellworks is a transportation Management Company working with best-in-class transportation brokers and transportation exchange platforms to organize and coordinate inbound and outbound transportation for our customers. Tellworks inventory and asset management system AIMS is integrated with our partners TMS (Transportation Management Systems) to provide a single interface for our customers.