Company Overview

Tellworks’ asset management expertise spans the life cycle of technology to provide greater efficiencies to IT operations and budgets.

What We Do

Tellworks is a logistics and asset management company focused on managing our customers complete equipment lifecycle. Using our proprietary inventory management system, AIMS, Tellworks tailors supply chain and project management solutions that save time, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and increase material visibility.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Tellworks has locations throughout the United States including Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Our custom supply chain solutions are blended with our customer’s business practices to ensure seamless transitions of material and information. We call this methodology Business Transformation Outsourcing (BTO). Tellworks boasts extensive knowledge in managing material and uses it to modernize, maintain, and dismantle communication networks. Tellworks is a firm believer in standardizing processes and believe it is at the core of running successful operations.

AIMS, Tellworks’ SaaS-based inventory management system, encourages industry Best Practices and provides material management and visibility across markets and regions. Since our inception in 2005, Tellworks has received and inventoried millions of assets from our operator customers at varying life cycle stages with less than 1% variance in our accuracy. Our accuracy, coupled with our technology intelligence, has afforded our customers the ability to make informed decisions around procurement, project management, deployment and disposition. Keeping the inventory accurate and visible is the foundation of our services.