AIMS – Asset Inventory Management System

AIMS – Inventory Management Solution

AIMS is Tellworks web based asset lifecycle system that tracks the complete lifecycle of our customers equipment. AIMS is customizable and specifically designed to manage the varying supply chain stages of telecom network infrastructure. Our customers use AIMS to manage spares replenishment, create BOMS and determine excess. AIMS reporting capabilities are utilized by all who require material visibility to plan, procure, receive, inventory, deploy, re-use, sell, and dispose of equipment.

AIMS provides visibility to all supply chain activities related to the movement of our customer material into and out of the network. Using AIMS has helped our customers by preventing over-ordering and the buildup of additional excess. AIMS reinforces solid and reliable warehouse processes resulting in greater accuracy. AIMS tracks material and asset tag transitions to the general contractors resulting in increased accountability.

AIMS – Resale and Recycle Portal

The AIMS Resale and Recycle Portal enables easy visibility and tracking of equipment for disposal. It is highly customizable and has a built-in approval flow. It allows for our customers to invite approved partners to participate in disposal of used or excess material. It posts bid notices per category and extends supplier security to only those invited to bid.

The general process for disposing of equipment using the portal is simple and straightforward, and enables the tracking of material from disposition approval through final resale or recycle.